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About baldwin pole & piling

Baldwin Pole founded in 1945, is privately owned and is located on 80 acres within the city limits of Bay Minette, AL. The company owns and controls approximately 10,000 acres of timberland. Additionally, it has established a long-term alliance with two sawmill operations in the area that own or control 250,000 acres of timberland.

When the company first started only untreated poles were produced. In 1958 Baldwin Pole started operating its first treating cylinder. With this cylinder the company produced 40,000 poles per year. Creosote was the first treatment used.

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In 1962 Baldwin Pole added a second cylinder, which also was used to treat creosote poles and piling. This expanded production to 60,000 poles per year. Two (2) 150 ft. dry kiln cylinders were installed in 1964. Kiln dry poles have a much better quality than a steamed or air-dried pole. All material is kiln dried before treatment. A third kiln was added in 1993 followed by a fourth in 2000.

In 1976 Baldwin Pole added pentachlorophenol as a new treatment. With more production capacity and a new product, the company was producing 75,000 poles per year. In 1984 a 6 ft. by 120 ft. cylinder was added and the company began treating with CCA. With this new treatment Baldwin Pole was treating another 25,000 poles per year. Currently the Bay Minette facility has two (2) cylinders treating with pentachlorophenol and one (1) cylinder using CCA. Baldwin Pole no longer treats with creosote.

In 2007 Baldwin Pole purchased a pole facility in Wiggins, Mississippi which has two dry kilns and treats with both CCA and PENTA preservatives. This facility has added an additional production capacity of 100,000 poles per year. Between both plant sites we can now produce up to 200,000 poles a year. Wiggins has been beneficial in allowing the company to continue to supply customers during natural disasters such as hurricanes and ice storms.

Baldwin Pole owns a company fleet of trucks dedicated to delivering poles. All trucks are equipped with a self-unloader. Contract haulers are also used when needed to ensure on time deliveries.

Environmentally, extensive prevention and remediation work has been performed at both plants. Baldwin Pole is currently in compliance with all Federal and State environmental regulations and considers itself to be in good standing with these agencies.

Baldwin Pole maintains a strict quality control program to ensure that we meet or exceed ANSI and AWPA standards. Our plant sites are open for tours and we welcome anyone interested to set up a time to see us operate and observe the quality product we produce. 

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